GemLock® Technology

With GemLock Technology for the Certain® Connection

  • Secure Fit - Touchless delivery tools offer a secure, reliable fit
  • Consistent Performance - Durable synthetic rubies improve driver tip longevity and ensure delivery tools remain consistent over multiple uses
  • Superior Control - GemLock Technology engages components internally for precise handling

GemLock Technology

Internally engaging driver tips that attach to surgical handpieces in order to pick up and carry implants, healing abutments, and cover screws with the Certain Connection

  • No drop delivery from package to patient increases efficiency, decreases chair time, and minimizes the potential for contamination of the implant
  • Spring-loaded synthetic ruby bearings seamlessly and repeatedly secure the implant to the delivery tool
  • Synthetic rubies have extreme abrasion resistance and low breakaway friction resulting in expanded longevity and performance of your driver tips
  • Superior delivery with dynamic tactile response and touchless transfer during implant surgery for a simpler, more controlled experience
  • Engages components internally for increased precision, making them ideal for use in tight interdental spaces
Internal Connection Universal Placement Driver Tips


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