Cervical Solutions

ZimVie Spine's implants are designed to facilitate efficient, versatile, and reproducible spinal fusion procedures ready to meet the needs of surgeons and their patients in an ever-changing global spine market.

Motion Preservation


Mobi-C® Cervical Disc

Anterior Fixation (ACDF Plating Systems)

InViZia Sizes

inViZia® Anterior Cervical Plate System

MaxAn Plate

MaxAn® Anterior Cervical Plate System

Trinica Select Plate

Trinica® and Trinica® Select Anterior Cervical Plate System

Interbody Spacers

Mergence-S  Family Square

Mergence®-S Spinal Instrumentation Platform

Puros S Square

Puros®-S and Puros®-S2 Cervical Interbody Allograft Implants

TM-S Square

TM-S Fusion Device Trabecular Metal™ Technology


TrellOss-C Porous Ti Interbody System

Trinnect Square

Trinnect® Hydrated Anterior Cervical Spacer System

Vista-S Square

Vista®-S Fusion Device

Stand-Alone Fixation


Optio-C® Anterior Cervical System PEEK Allograft

Roi-C Coated

ROI-C® Cervical Cage

TrellOss C SA 2 Views

TrellOss™-C SA Porous Ti Interbody System

Posterior Fixation

M Gallery Standard Plate Family

Gallery™ Laminoplasty Spine System

Lineum Screw Movement

Lineum® OCT Spine System

Virage Construct (No Background)

Virage® OCT Spine System